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Thursday, 25th May 2017
L-R Mr. Azeem Rashid, Director of Milly Fruit Processors Ltd; Amb. Katureebe Tayebwa, Ms. Nabbanja Ashahmet

On 25 May 2017, Amb. Katureebe Tayebwa accompanied by the Third Secretary Ms. Nabbanja Ashahmet with Mr. Azeem Rashid Director of Milly Fruit Processors Ltd. Milly Fruit Processors Ltd processes tropical fruits that include mangoes, passion, pineapples and focus on pulp production for other industries in fruit juice production under the PICANA brand.

The Ambassador urged the Director to consider establishing a facility in Uganda and take advantage of Uganda's strategic location in the region with accessibility to a wide market. He informed him of the excellent climate where fruits can grow all year round which would provide a stable supply of raw materials and a conducive investment environment offered by the government to investors through the One Sop Center at Uganda Investment Authority. He also informed him that the Government has gazetted land for investors across all major towns in the country. 

The Director expressed interest in investing in Uganda and that he would contact his office with investment proposals.

Thereafter the Ambassador was given a guided tour of the factory.